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Winx Club - is an Italian animated fantasy adventure cartoon. This cartoon is intended for children aged five to ten years.

Winx Club is a modern fantasy saga revolving around six fairies and their adventures. The main characters are Bloom, Stella, Flora, Leila, Tekna and Muse live their daily lives in the world of Magiks, among the lessons, love, quarrels and moments of strong friendship. At any time when it is necessary, they can turn into superheroines, ready to defeat evil and save those in danger.

An ordinary girl Bloom from the planet Earth lives a completely normal life in the city of Gardenia, until she meets Stella, a princess from the planet Solarium, who got into trouble. Going to Stella's help, Bloom discovers her magical powers. Stella convinces Bloom to join the school of wizards, the best school of fairies in all fields.

In the school of wizards Bloom creates the Winx Club, whose members are her four girlfriends and roommates - Stella, Muse, Tekna and Flora. Each of the five students has unique abilities, so together they complement each other and are simply invincible. Later they meet with specialists - Brandon, Riven, Timmy and Skye, who later become their love interests. Winx Club members also encounter a trio of Witches from the Cloud Tower - Icy, Darcy and Stormy, who are known as Trix. The search for the power of the Dragon Flame will lead to many clashes and battles between the Winx Club and the Trix witches. In the process, Bloom will learn the secrets of his planet, his parents and acquire new abilities.

Every time after lessons, fairies meet in their favorite cafe and share different news. But their main purpose is to protect the world from enemies, because it always turns out with brilliance.

Winx Club consists of versatile talented girls. Tekna is an impeccable technician, Flora loves flowers very much, Muse is an incendiary girl who loves music very much, her name confirms that. The stele is the crown princess of the planet Solarium. Small pixies are always ready to help their hostesses.

After the summer break, the Winx Club sorceresses return to school to begin their second year of study. There they meet a new fairy, Leila, who asks them to help rescue her friends taken hostage by Lord Darkar. Later Leila becomes the sixth Winx Club sorceress.

Parents should know that the main characters of the Winx Club cartoon, intended for girls, wear a minimum of clothes and demonstrate impossible body proportions.

Adventure continues, while the villains are trying to conquer the whole world. But the friendship of our sorceresses will help them cope with evil. Anyone who likes the Winx Club - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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