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This cartoon will show you what Tom and Jerry were like as a child. You will meet with the kitten Tom and his constant attempts to catch the mouse Jerry. “Tom and Jerry Kids” is the same bright and colorful story in which all the kitten’s tricks turn out to be unsuccessful, and the mouse still goes “dry out of the water.” Despite the constant tricks of the kitten Tom, Jerry's little mouse never ceases to amaze us with its agility and intelligence. Our favorite characters, all also fall into various scrape. Nevertheless, it is not entirely clear why the kitten disliked a mouse and, therefore, they feuded, starting from the first episode.

The cartoon also features minor characters, such as Spike, a watchdog bulldog and his son, Tyke, who every now and then need to be protected from a crazy couple of heroes Tom and Jerry.

Also, viewers will learn about the opposition of the dog Droopy and his sons Dripple, who always unleash, solve some secrets or save someone, and the treacherous wolf McWolf always hunts for them, and it is he who builds cunning traps all the time or does all sorts of nastiness , but the doggies always cope with everything easily and remain brave heroes.

The cartoon received mostly positive reviews, because it came out very kind, despite the fact that Tom is constantly trying to catch the little mouse, and the wolf to harm the little dogs, without cruel scenes of violence, with various jokes and interesting adventures. This story will appeal to anyone who starts watching this wonderful cartoon.

Immerse yourself in kids and live with the characters the most memorable and fun moments that will surely give you positive emotions for a long time.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Tom and Jerry Kids - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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