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Cartoon Timon and Pumbaa is a fun, adventure project that you can watch without stopping. We are talking about two positive characters who know all about true friendship. The main characters constantly spend time in motion. Pumbaa is a big and positive boar that hates when he or Timon is insulted. His buddy is an intelligent creature who is well versed in geography. Every day they go on a new journey to learn more about the world. An instructive and interesting cartoon contains many interesting episodes that differ from previous ones in the presence of new characters, landscapes and adventures.

Pumba - responsive moderately well-fed boar. He is well versed in geography and food. Sometimes it can give out some clever idea that Timon will speak, allegedly he has invented it. Pumba hates when he is called a pig, in gusts of rage, he can break off anyone who would not stand in front of him. He believes in true friendship. For Timon Pumba serves as a means of transportation over long distances, he is also a champion in burping.

Timon is a cunning arrogant meerkat. is the initiator of all plans and adventures. In most cases, they end in tears. His life actually depends on the speed of Pumbaa’s movement. He is so small that he can easily climb into the penny to Pumbaa. Timon is very lazy to help others, loves to eat for free, he considers himself brave in front of predators, but this is not yet, and so he is cowardly.

They live by their rules. They do what they want, that is, they fart, burp and chomp. At the same time do not have any worries, living in complete freedom. Their behavior is limited only by the female, if she is close. Their motto is "Hakuna Matata". At any moment they are ready, they will move to the other end of the world, for some bug. But their favorite dish is ants. Timon and Pumbaa are the finest gourmets.

All episodes of the cartoon Timon and Pumbaa are attracted by the presence of positive and dangerous adventures. These heroes of the already legendary project met Simba first. Their merit is the popularity of the future leader, who became the king of the whole animal kingdom. Timon always comes up with new adventures, adventures and creates trouble that Pumbe has to cope with. But they never throw each other in trouble.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Timon and Pumbaa - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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