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Super Mario is an animated cartoon for children, based on the game of the same name. The cartoon tells about the adventures of Mario and his best friend Luigi. Many consider Mario the most famous character in the history of video games.

Cheerful optimists and true professionals in their field are inimitable plumbing brothers Luigi and Mario. They are absolutely sure that their profession is the best in the world. After all, the drain pipe they are able to get into the mysterious and magical world. Only they can get into the Mushroom Kingdom, overcome all difficulties and traps, fight the terrible dragon and save the princess.

Mario is a small Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He likes, like all Italians, pizza and spaghetti. Differs courage, openness and friendliness. In the cartoon, Mario uses his well-known jumping and combat abilities to prevent the villain Bowser from abducting Princess Daisy and seizing the Mushroom Kingdom. There were other friends along with Luigi, such as Yoshi and Toad.

Mario is a positive hero who is always ready to give up his interests in the interests of others, nothing human is alien to him. But Mario often behaves quite thoughtlessly and imprudently. Perhaps his southern temperament is to blame. Also, Mario does not tolerate losses and can behave like a whiny child when he loses.

In the cartoon, thanks to the efforts of Mario and Luigi, peace and tranquility returned to the Mushroom Kingdom, but Bowser sent his seven children (Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy and Ludwig) to other countries of the Mushroom World. The mushroom kingdom forms the gates to these lands, and the Kupalingas steal the respective royal magic wands of the seven kings, and with their help turn the kings into various helpless creatures. Mario and Luigi swear to go and stop Kupaling's atrocity and return the kings to their normal form.

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