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Paper Tales is an extraordinary, informative cartoon that tells about the incredible adventures of the main characters: the elk Aristotle and the Knock-knock woodpecker, who live in an unusual paper world. Everything here is made of paper and other stationery items. The sky, grass, trees, houses, and the characters themselves are made of cardboard and paper. Here you can see the Paper Mountains, and the Paper Castle, and even Paper Lake.

The brave and intelligent moose Aristotle and his loyal friend - the funny and cheerful Knock-knock woodpecker in each episode find themselves in a new situation, where they encounter something incredibly interesting and fascinating. Every day these inseparable friends are associated with adventures.

The plot of the cartoon - a detective. The main characters not just got into a difficult situation, but always with dignity they found the right solution - they made origami crafts out of paper, which helped them. Often, in some episodes, new minor characters appear, throwing Knock-knock and Aristotle new difficult tasks that they successfully cope with, demonstrating to the children how trouble can be overcome through cleverness.

Each episode is told to children as a detective story, the successful end of which is the making of a piece of paper or a character from the plot. Such an unusual ending of each episode will be of interest to all who like to make something with their own hands. The young viewer is not only shown how to make such crafts, but also gives practical advice on how to make a paper toy with his own hands. It develops the creativity of children.

Every house has scissors, paper and glue, and any kid can repeat what Elk Aristotle and Knock-knock woodpecker demonstrate. And the amazing characters of the series, made with their own hands, will be able to find yourself in the room with your child. There are many interesting characters in the cartoon:

Elk Aristotle - the protagonist of the cartoon "Paper Tales", made of paper in dark blue. There are paper clips of different colors on its horns: a red paper clip is attached to the right horn, and a red and green clip is attached to the left horn.

At Aristotle balanced character. He speaks succinctly and thoroughly. He is very tactful, prudent moose. He never makes hasty decisions, prefers to think things through and then take action.

When Aristotle gives thought, then as a rule he plays music on his double bass. It helps him to concentrate and make the right decision. Aristotle is very similar to a gentleman in his behavior: always courteous and friendly. And everything else, he always wears a red tie. Aristotle has a loyal friend - the Knock-knock woodpecker, with whom they constantly find themselves in various exciting situations.

The Knock-knock woodpecker, another protagonist of the Paper Tales cartoon, is made of paper of pale green color. His image is cut out very funny: on his head a crest in the form of a mohawk has the same wings and tail. He also has red legs. It is interesting that they arise only when he stands, and does not fly. Like his friend Aristotle, Knock-knock wears a red clip. It is attached to his tuft. Knock-knock is wearing a bright red butterfly bow tie on her light green body.

Unlike Aristotle, Knock-knock is very restless. He has a more lively and restless nature. When they get into a difficult situation with a friend, Knock-knock prefers to act immediately. In his vocabulary, he likes to use the word: “paper” and when he and Aristotle competently come out of a difficult situation, Knock-knock says his catchphrase: “How paper!”.

Bunny-cat is a funny and unusual character in the Paper Tales cartoon. Its unusualness lies in the fact that it can change its shape. Then he looks like a hare with long ears and a short tail, then, if he is slightly pulled by the tail, he turns into a cat with short ears and a long tail. But still most of the time Bunny-cat is in the form of a hare pink color. Therefore, his eating habits are unusual - fish and carrots.

Bunny-cat lives in the home of Aristotle and Knock-knock. They found him on the way home when they returned from fishing with a big catch. Friends had to love this lovely creature so much that they decided to take him as a pet.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Paper Tales - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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