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Om Nom Stories is a multi-part cartoon created by the Russian company ZeptoLab, based on the Cut the Rope series of games. It tells about the adventures of Om Nom and his friends outside the video game.

In any family where there are small children, there are always sweets. Everyone knows that kids really love candy, chocolates, gingerbread and waffles. But it turns out that in every home there are also invisible fabulous creatures who also enjoy all these goodies. Sometimes, when no one sees, they crawl out of their shelters and eat all the sweets that the kids did not have time to eat. One such sweet tooth is the hero of the cartoon Om Nom Stories.

This is an unknown green science to any science, remotely resembling an ordinary frog in appearance. But everyone knows that frogs do not eat sweets. But Am Nyam just loves everything where there is at least a grain of sugar or a piece of chocolate. For the sake of sweets, this little “someone” can invent any prank and go even to the ends of the earth or beyond the seas and oceans for a tasty morsel. And our Om Nom even found a time machine somewhere, so that it was possible to taste not only modern sweets, but also sweets of distant times prepared by cooks of different nations.

The character of the main character Om Nom is restless and extravagant, because of which he constantly finds himself in absurd, but at the same time comical stories, of which he always manages to get out, only in his own way.

Amazing travels around the country, along with a green sweet tooth, will allow young viewers to get acquainted with unusual goodies that their peers around the world love. Stories with the participation of a funny character will be interesting to kids who adore sweets and their parents.

You can follow the funny adventures of Om Nom, who is constantly digging around, turning over bags and looking for something delicious, without stopping. He should be regularly encouraged with sweets, otherwise there will be a mess in the house. Something interesting happens in every new episode of Om Nom Stories. He is confused in the package, then stuck in the refrigerator, then in the tablet. Little Am Nom becomes a prisoner of his passion for sweets. But he always manages to overcome difficulties and get to his favorite sweets.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Om Nom Stories - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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