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Oddbods is a Singapore-British comedic cartoon that stands out among other cartoons with good humor, expressive appearance of the main characters, picturesqueness of the surrounding area.

In cartoon, the main characters are Oddbods, funny and fluffy, that live in a fairyland. Oddbods are extraordinary bright personalities possessing irrepressible positive energy. Each Oddbods has its own body color and its own unique character. Pink Newt - the youngest of all geeks. He is very sweet and kind. Green Zee frivolous and carefree, other Oddbods consider him lazy. Orange Slick - perfectionist, her favorite interests: fashion and dance. Yellow Bubbles is a real “sunbeam”, very cheerful and always in a good mood. Purple Jeff - the arrogant and meticulous, but disciplined and loves order. Blue Pogo loves to humor and have fun. Red Fuse - very aggressive and angry, has tremendous physical strength, is the leader of the Oddbods.

Each new episode is an amazing and funny adventure that turns ordinary everyday activities into a real fun. Oddbods constantly get into ridiculous situations, but overcome difficulties by acting together, complementing each other. They are always busy and ready to show their unique qualities in solving the problems they face.

No matter where Oddbods are located, be it a jungle or a desert, a restaurant or a picnic, something interesting and funny happens to them. With these cute creatures in fluffy, bright jumpsuits you never get bored.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Oddbods - watch the all episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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