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Moonzy and his friends - educational cartoon, designed for children of preschool age.

The cartoon tells about the incredible adventures and heroic exploits of an alien named Moonzy. The first episode shows how our hero hatches from an egg on the moon and then falls to the ground. All subsequent series occur in a forest glade near the pond, where Moonzy finds a new home. At the beginning of the cartoon, Moonzy was adopted by two anthropomorphic bees, which became his grandfather and grandmother. Like bees, most characters are small anthropomorphic animals, such as insects, fish, frogs and turtles, playing the role of adults and children. The main characters learn about the world through new experiences and interaction with each other. The cartoon carries only positive; even negative characters, such as the two problem-causing caterpillars and the evil leech, also have positive qualities.

Moonzy is pink, it has four ears, and it is rather tall compared to other cartoon characters. He has furry fur. His fur is so fluffy that you can sleep on his palms! Moonzy is a very kind character. The inhabitants of the forest love him for his kindness and desire to help others. He never lies.

The moral and principles of Moonzy carry love and mutual understanding so that the children themselves unconsciously become like-minded beloved hero. This cartoon brings kindness and honor to our world. It is recommended to watch each episode of a cartoon not only for children, but also for their parents. You can tell the baby what exactly Moonzy is talking about if your child is still quite small.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Moonzy - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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