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Leo and Tig - an animated cartoon for children. Cartoon teaches mutual assistance, respect for nature, kindness and friendship.

The cartoon begins with the birth of a leopard named Leo. All anything, but in the district there are no his relatives and peers, because Leo is a very rare species and he does not even have anyone to play with. Leo meets the cub Tig, and they become friends. Leo and Tig, can not live a day without incident. Everything is interesting to them, they meet with unusual phenomena of nature, solve riddles, hold competitions and help those in need. Friends learn about the wonderful world of Primorsky Krai of Russia, its unique nature, which in the eyes of children acquires magical abilities, comes to life and helps everyone who believes in miracles.

Leo is a good-natured and brave young leopard who will always help his best friend Tig and other forest dwellers. Leo is fearless and adventurous. His imagination, dreaminess and ability to fantasize know no bounds. But, when circumstances so require, Leo is persistent and never retreats if he considers himself right in his convictions.

Tig, like Leo, is the main character in the cartoon. Unlike the fearless Leo, Tig is very cautious and a little cowardly, if a threat arises, then Tig can retreat before the danger. He is often arrogant and simply does not notice that he offends his friends with a harsh word. Tig is a little bit narcissistic and often boasts of its dubious merit. However, having made a mistake, he can sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness.

Leo and Tig are very different and they differ not only in appearance, but in their characters. But all this does not in the least interfere with their friendship; on the contrary, it only strengthened it and allowed them to rally, especially the guys have something in common. These kids are curious and restless, and besides, they love adventure. Therefore, every day they learn about the world around them, conduct small contests between themselves, solve riddles and even assist the forest dwellers, and, despite the danger.

Once Leo and Tig heard an amazing story about a cowardly tiger-cub, who overcame all his fears and became the most courageous among the forest dwellers, having found an unusual artifact called the Sunshine. Therefore, they decided to repeat his feat and went in search of the artifact in the hope that he would help Tig deal with his fear of heights. Every day, friends are waiting for new exciting adventures that will bring them new discoveries, fun and pleasure.

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