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Only in the most amazing country can live such unusual residents as Kikoriki loved by everyone for a long time. Multi-colored round cartoon characters about Kikoriki, which can be viewed on our website, will not leave indifferent either kids or their parents. In funny and instructive stories that are understandable to young children, it tells about the most ordinary things surrounding them. And how some problems are solved by the inhabitants of a magical country can help each child learn to look for a way out of difficult situations, appreciate friendship, listen attentively to the advice of adults. And no wonder these “funny balls” have become popular in different countries of the world. What amusing animals tell about is clear to all children in the world!

Kikoriki - funny ball-shaped creatures that live in their own country. They are friendly and always come to the aid of each other. In each new episodes, these amazing characters are discovering something for themselves, doing their daily activities, sometimes getting into funny and even dangerous situations. But thanks to friendship, wit and stubbornness, they solve problems with dignity.

Kikoriki can be divided into two age groups:

Adults include - Dokko (Moose), Barrie (Bear), Otto (Penguin), Olga (Owl), Carlin (Crow) and other characters who are engaged in moralizing and education, as well as the invention of new devices. For example, Otto is constantly inventing something, trying to help the people in the country, while the clever and intelligent Dokko prefers scientific research.

The younger ones are Krosh (Rabbit), Chiko (Hedgehog), Wally (Ram), Rosa (Pig) and Bibi (Robot). For example, Krosh is a blue-colored rabbit with big ears, which is drawn to get into ridiculous situations. And the Chiko has a different character, he is calm and reasonable.

Choosing to watch any episode of the cartoon Kikoriki on our website, you can watch the fidgets of the restless Krosh and his friend, the prudent Chiko, to listen to Wally’s poems he dedicates to the fashionist Rosa. In each story, Kikoriki, busy with her own affairs, quietly gives us all lessons in kindness and concern for our neighbors.

We hope that it will be interesting to every viewer to listen to tales told by Carlin, or once again to be surprised at the wisdom of Olga’s advice, to find out what Otto invented the new, and what else grew in the Barrie garden. Good and funny Kikoriki are waiting for the next meeting with their fans in new cartoons.

Anyone who likes the cartoon KikoRiki - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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KikoRiki The Bench KikoRiki - A Price for Rosa KikoRiki Past Year's Tale KikoRiki Plywood Sun KikoRiki The Energy of Snoring KikoRiki The Iron Nanny KikoRiki The Gift of Fortune KikoRiki Who's the First KikoRiki The Uncultivated KikoRiki The Forgotten Tale KikoRiki  The Grand Pian KikoRiki Fast Friends KikoRiki The Telegraph KikoRiki The Collection KikoRiki Lily KikoRiki Memoirs of an Umbrella KikoRiki La KikoRiki The Path to Decent Society KikoRiki Rosa's Birthday KikoRiki Stripes and Whiskers KikoRiki Flying in a Dream and in Reality KikoRiki The Big Event KikoRiki How to Become a Star KikoRiki Krash's New Teeth KikoRiki BallAst KikoRiki How to Have a Good Rest KikoRiki Bath Procedures KikoRiki Beauty KikoRiki The Last Rainbow KikoRiki The Big Race KikoRiki Magnetism KikoRiki The Secret Society KikoRiki Mountains and Candies KikoRiki What Everybody Needs KikoRiki The Triumph of Reason KikoRiki The Inner Clock KikoRiki The Sweetness of Honey KikoRiki In Sweet Harmony KikoRiki The Lucky Talisman KikoRiki A Story for Rosa KikoRiki Little Big Sea KikoRiki Operation Santa Claus KikoRiki Admirers in the Sky KikoRiki Great News KikoRiki The Butterfly KikoRiki Archaeology KikoRiki Meteorology KikoRiki The Disco Dancer KikoRiki Soap Opera KikoRiki Fishing Trip KikoRiki Remodeling is a Collective Effort KikoRiki The Promise KikoRiki Training for a Nap KikoRiki Bon Voyage, Wally! KikoRiki Beauty Queen KikoRiki The Frozen Surprise KikoRiki Soccer Game, 1st Half
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