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Kid-E-Cats is a very kind, informative cartoon for the youngest viewers. In which it is told about the cat family consisting of the father-cat, mother-cat and three red kittens.

Kittens are all different in nature. The eldest pudding fat guy, very similar to dad. He is 7 years old, he is a very smart, serious kitten. Cookie, he is 6 years old, a terrible fidget and lover of sports. And the youngest kitty in the family, Candy, is only 4 years old, she tries to be like her mother, trying to be just as reasonable and fair. The head of the family is a plump and slightly awkward cat who adores his family. He likes to eat and sleep. Mama-cat on the contrary, has a fit figure and is engaged in fitness. She is a very good hostess and keeps the whole house on her.

The family lives in a house that resembles the shape of a cat face. Cat family lives like ordinary people: lifestyle, life, work, hobby. For example, Papa Kot works at a confectionery factory and brings a cake to tea from work every weekend. And mother Cat is keen on design clothes for children. In their close-knit family life is full of interesting events. Every day, the heroes encounter various difficulties that they are trying to overcome together. They always support each other in difficult situations and always together make important decisions.

In each episode, kittens are faced with a new problem, but with the help of parental advice, their ingenuity and cohesion, they find a way out of any situation. The cat family lives happily and cheerfully: they organize holidays, they all go together to relax in nature. The cartoon "Kid-E-Cats" consists of short episodes of 5 minutes each. Each episode is one small story, full of positive, kindness, love and respect for others.

Cartoon informative and educational, without a hint of aggression and negative. Children in it get acquainted with different characters, learn how to behave and how to act in a given situation, learn trusting relationships with parents, basic family values, learn to be kind, honest and well-mannered. Cartoon suitable for family viewing!

Anyone who likes the cartoon Kid-E-Cats - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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