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Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater is a worldwide popular Japanese cartoon about the adventures of the charming white kitty Hello Kitty and her friends.

Hello Kitty is one of the most vivid images that is placed on many products. This cat is especially popular in its homeland, in Japan, where it is part of popular culture, but it is no less known throughout the world. Hello Kitty is shot in cartoons, sold as toys and funny figures, adorns with itself all sorts of accessories, clothes, shoes, interior items, it’s almost impossible to imagine any detail or object that nobody has ever thought of decorating with this recognizable cat face.

This cute, infinitely cute cat even has its biography. She was born on November 1 (the birthday of designer Yuko Shimizu, who painted the character), lives with her parents and sister Mimmi in London, goes to school, she has many hobbies and friends.

The "parent" of Hello Kitty was the Japanese company Sanrio, or rather its owner Shintaro Tsuji, it was he who had the idea to create a cartoon character that everyone would like. Character was born in 1974. Just drawn cat, a real symbol of childhood and infantilism, causes in most people, both young and old, sympathy and affection. A distinctive feature of Hello Kitty is the lack of a mouth, which makes the expression of the muzzle neutral - everyone will see his expression there, someone sad, and someone cheerful. Sanrio specialized in the sale of small pleasant souvenirs, cards, soft toys, etc. The company's motto was: "A small gift - a great joy." The image of Hello Kitty was conceived precisely as a decoration of this kind of trifles. The name of the character was chosen from two: Hello Kitty and Kitty White.

The first images of Hello Kitty did not have much popularity, but soon she had fans. A good move was the placement of the image of a little cat on a souvenir wallet, this accessory immediately became very popular. It turned out to be much easier to sell cheap stuff, accessories or clothes if you draw a pretty face on them.

Subsequently, the use of the Hello Kitty image repeatedly helped raise sales of a wide variety of goods and services. In order not to lose the gained positions, the cat decided to diversify, if at first only the “classic” image of the face and the figures were used, now Hello Kitty changes poses, outfits, accessories, she has a family, pets. Participation in the development of images Hello Kitty takes designer Yuko Yamaguchi. In the 80s, the character is experiencing a rise in popularity, and then another one already in the 90s, when Hello Kitty is gaining world fame, pop stars and movies choose it, cars and computers decorate it, little girls dress in it from head to toe adults also start wearing Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty character is one of the most copied, it is so often “cloned” by pirated manufacturers that it turned out for the original kitty to be both good and bad. On the one hand, the character became unusually popular, and on the other, it filled the stores so that it became boring to many.

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