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Fantasy patrol - Russian animated cartoon for children, the creator of which is the studio Parovoz. The cartoon shows stories about girls with supernormal abilities and the world of Russian fairy tales.

The action of the cartoon takes place in an unusual town Fableton, which at first glance looks like an ordinary metropolis with a huge number of different complexes and schools. But not everything is so simple with this city, it is filled with heroes of fairy tales and various wonders. In it you can see the goblin, and the hut on chicken legs, and the cat of the scientist, and much more interesting. Every hero strives to live in this region, because here magic is a priority science.

The main characters of the cartoon are four young wizards, Snowy, Helena, Mary and Valery, who together organized the Fantasy Patrol super command. Their main task is to observe the characters of fairy tales, to assist them and at the same time to protect the tranquility of ordinary residents of the city. They meet in a cafe called “Lukomorye”, where they share various ideas, secrets and make important decisions. Fantasy patrol provides a balance between the world of fairy tales and the world of people.

In the first five episodes of the cartoon "Fantasy Patrol" we are introduced to the activities of girls, as well as minor characters and the town of Fableton. The main plot begins with the sixth episode, it tells about a red-haired witch named Helena, her real parents are in great danger. To save the parents of Helena and the entire fairy-tale world, the girls decide to find four keys-bracelets that will open the portal to the fairy-tale world.

Every day a brave new team will go on different adventures. In one episode, they save innocent people from cataclysms, in the other they solve impracticable tasks. One day, their actions attract too much attention. A brave patrol becomes a problem for many villains. For this reason, he is forced to fight against the dark magicians, who also create their secret organization in the city of Fableton. Can our heroines find a way to cope with the cunning of their enemies in order to achieve justice!

At the end of each episode of the cartoon, the heroines understand that not all problems are solved by magic alone, because kindness and friendship can also help us in a difficult situation.

New adventures constantly delight young audiences, and on our site you can watch without stopping and interrupting all the episodes in a row.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Fantasy patrol - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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