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Boonie Bears are a very interesting and unusual cartoon that first saw the world in China. Let's talk a little bit about what is his secret? The key to the success of the cartoon were unusual characters with whom you will meet, if you decide to watch Boonie Bears.

The plot of this comedy cartoon introduces the viewer to the everyday life of two bears (in combination - defenders of the forest). For a long time all the animals and birds peacefully coexisted in this beautiful forest protected by the Boonie Bears. But everything has changed since the time when a cunning, insidious and evil woodcutter came here, whose plans are to cut down the untouched forest, taking any measures to achieve the goal, violating the peace and tranquility of the forest inhabitants.

Our glorious bears realized what was happening, and began to resist the cunning of the woodcutter. In order to protect their native forest, they are ready to fight to the end, not sparing their lives. Will our heroes be able to overcome the danger and teach the uninvited guest a lesson?

In this cartoon, its creators managed to show well the relationship between man and nature, to demonstrate how serious the consequences could be if a person unreasonably interferes with the natural process. The cartoon will give many smiles and will cheer up both children and parents.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Boonie Bears - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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