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In the cartoon “Booba”, the authors tell the story of a brownie, who is the invisible master of the house. According to people who know, when an invisible tenant is kind, there will be order and comfort everywhere. In another case, if the brownie is angry at the owners of the house, then they will face a real nightmare and a constant mess. The main character of this cartoon is an old man named Booba. Although he is good to the good owners of his home, he has a big drawback - this is an incredible curiosity with which the main character can not cope. As a result, he is always involved in crazy and incredible events. Despite the fact that the good-natured Booba is trying by incredible efforts to protect the residents of his house from various troubles and restore order, the mess that arises through the fault of his tricks often makes them perplexed. So, adults and children have the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the ordinary brownies, who have lived alongside people for centuries and bring funny chaos into their lives. Short stories about the tricks of Booba await viewers in each episode of the animated series.

All episodes of the cartoon Booba describe the life of a little brownie who is actively exploring the world around him, constantly getting into funny situations. The problem is that he doesn’t understand human life at all. Because of curiosity and ignorance of how to behave, the protagonist will end up in a closed cellar, then try on a lamp for himself - in general, a lot of incidents happen to Booba. The image is interesting to children because it combines many qualities: funny, cute, naughty and kind. Even when angry at a curious merry fellow it is very interesting to follow. In each of the objects he sees something of his own, pays attention to inconspicuous things and gives value to trifles.

All episodes about Booba are best viewed online with children, in order not only to control how a child acquires information, but also to share pleasant emotions with him. The main character missed the evolution of mankind, so he meets with the surrounding objects from scratch. He is interested in literally everything, just like children, so he perfectly understands their needs, shows how easier and better to perceive new knowledge. This cartoon for kids has everything to enjoy your time with benefits: he tells about toys, fruits, sweets, shows how to find new friends - and all this against the background of very exciting adventures.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Booba - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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