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The magical and extraordinarily good cartoon "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom" was created for children of preschool age. He tells of the incredible adventures of two best friends - Princess Holly and the little elf Ben.

The most real fairies and elves live together in a fabulous country amidst dense thickets, rejoicing in each new day. They have a wonderful gift - the conquest of magical powers. All fairies, including Holly, make excellent use of their magical powers in different situations and situations. But the elves only create different objects and things. A favorite activity for them is to create cute toys that will amuse any kid. But the art of magic is not so easy to master! Little Fairy Holly is just learning to properly use her unusual abilities. Therefore, not all of her work. After all, it is not easy to remember and execute all the magic rules. The tiny fairy has to learn all the intricacies, and Ben, like a true and devoted friend, helps Holly cope with this problem so that all her spells work as they should.

Ben is a little elf, he is eleven years old. He is friendly and educated. Dislikes losing and can be quite careful when it comes to using magic. He has no brothers and sisters, but he has many friends, and his best friend is Princess Holly.

Holly is a fairy princess and one of the main characters along with Ben. She loves to use magic, despite the risk that something will go wrong. Her best friend is Elf Ben.

Ben and Holly have a friend - a ladybird named Gaston, who lives in a small hummock near the small castle and has some dog habits.

Holly is just learning how to create magic and is not very good at it yet. Because elves are not magical, Ben must help by building and correcting things, and he is very good at it. Holly, Ben and their ladybug girlfriend, Gaston, always find something to do and learn from when they explore the Little Kingdom.

Parents should know that “Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom” is a British cartoon, in the center of which is a sweet friendship between a fairy-tale princess and her elf neighbor. Animated cartoon animation, which looks as if it was taken directly from a picture book, attracts the attention of children, they will be delighted with the comic adventures of small characters. But stories offer children much more than entertainment; they are full of illustrations of friendship, kindness, and teamwork. The characters experience also reminds children of the value of learning from mistakes. The child will enjoy the visual effect, and the content is so pleasant that the parents will not want to leave the room.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Ben and Holly - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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