Cartoon Angry Birds

Angry Birds - funny, unusual and lively cartoon, based on the popular game of the same name. Cartoon colorful, with bright characters who are endowed with mobile, funny facial expressions.

This cartoon has a wonderful musical accompaniment with famous musical hits. Its plot is simple and uncomplicated, unwinds quickly, dynamically and emotionally. It tells about unusual birds that have long lived on an island that is distant from the outside world. These harmless birds lived alone and thought that there was no one else in the world except them. But then a terrible thing happens - it is unclear where a ship with strange green creatures, pigs, invades its measured, calm life. These aliens fraudulently, under the pretext of "peace", began to steal eggs from birds. Accordingly, these actions of pigs entailed anger and anger on the part of poor birds. They did their best to bring their eggs back and crushed the city of green pigs.

Angry birds have different abilities, which are used in the fight with their enemies. The confrontation between birds and pigs began a long time ago. However, the fact that neither side is going to give in and retreat is a fact proven by time.

Angry birds manage not only to destroy the most insidious plans of enemies and defend their future chicks, but in the end to nag their sides with annoying offenders. Although pigs should also be given their due, each time their attempts to pull eggs are becoming more sophisticated. And perhaps the day will come when the birds will not have time to save their offspring.

Parents should know that the cartoon "Angry Birds" consists of short episodes, and is based on the very popular collection of mobile games "Angry Birds", where the same outstanding characters are represented. There is a constant rivalry between pigs and birds, often involving the possession of bird eggs, and their exchanges cause cartoon-style violence, such as extensive falls, dull blows and, of course, throwing a slingshot. However, unlike games, the characters do not die, and the brunt only brings a bruise or a fingal under the eye. Non-verbal content, simplified storylines and a short episode time (less than three minutes long) make this cartoon funny for any age category.

Anyone who likes the cartoon Angry Birds - watch the new episodes in good quality. Enjoy watching the cartoon!

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